The painting project has gone through several stages.

The painting project has gone through several stages. First, a white cement was spread with a trowel over every classroom building, inside and out, and the water tank. This was followed by hand sanding the entire project! Then, a white primer coat was applied. Finally, a first and second coat of the color will be applied. There are two painters and they work nonstop, seven days a week. They sleep in a rented room near the school on mattresses on the floor. They take their meals at the school. They are from Arusha, and Volunteer Marilyn, who is supervising the painting, pays part of the labor charge as they go. They immediately send the money to their families in Arusha.

The water tank now has the final coat of color, light blue. Marilyn's idea is to have the kids paint or use markers to create a mural of underwater life on the tank. She has been teaching Vocational Skills to all the class 3, 4 and 5 students where she shows them many fish pictures from National Geographic, then has them draw and color, then has them take their pictures out to the tank to see how they look. Usually, they decide the pictures have to be much, much bigger to show up. Next, they will learn how to scale up their artwork.

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