1/14/2012 - Science Class

Science Class

Friday, the end of the first week of the new term at Amka. After three periods of study and a break for tea and bread, we all had science class. Today’s topic, forces of flying…. with kites!

I returned to Amka with $250 of science equipment provided by a contribution to the Amka Afrika School Foundation. This bought magnifying lenses, mini microscopes, eye droppers, a number of kits for teaching about electricity, solar energy, and physics, a kit for preparing slides for the microscope that is coming on the container, a “Slinky” for teaching about sound waves, several types of airplanes, magnets and iron filings, and KITES!

I launched the first kite to squeals of joy from students and teachers. They soon followed with two more kites and every student had a chance to hold the string. At one point, several birds flew over to check out the strange new species in their territory, which brought even more squeals. One kite ended up in a tree, but was rescued by one of the neighbor boys who had come to watch. He climbed to the very top of the tree and out onto the long branch that had captured our kite. Watching him climb, I was terrified. But, no one else seemed to be the least bit concerned.

A wonderful end to a busy week at Amka Afrika School.

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