1/11/2012 - What’s New In 2012

Container Update–January 11, 2012

The latest word from Carrie McConachie (received Jan. 9), who talks to the container company, who talks to our agent in Dar Es Salaam, who talks to the officials in the Treasury Department is…..

“Treasury has still not paid the money to customs. We are going to Treasury every day. Due to lack of funds they have so many pending files in the government treasury. On Friday (Jan. 6) they had written the cheque and it is awaiting the signatory to sign. It is unfortunate and we are pushing the file hard. As of now, we feel that we will be able to load this next week (Jan. 16 – 20?) after the payment is done. We will let you know when we have further news.”

I will let you know as soon as I hear about the delivery date and I’ll take tons of pictures to document this long awaited event!!!!!

Amka Afrika School Update–Foundation Funds At Work

So much is happening at the school! I brought foundation funds with me when I returned January 5, and Simon put them right to work. He had people ready to begin several projects that will make life at Amka so much better. Many thanks go out to foundation supporters who made these possible.

–a door on the second classroom (Now both rooms can be locked.)

–new steps leading to both classrooms

–the inside walls have been plastered in one classroom and will be soon in the second

–a smooth cement floor has been put down in one classroom and the second classroom will also get one (This will make things so much better when all the furniture arrives. The chairs will slide and it will be so much easier to keep the classrooms clean.)

–partitions to divide the big classrooms into small rooms (We teach 6 levels at Amka, so it is good to have spaces where teachers can meet with the students from one level.)

–proper toilets (Simon has been working on this since I visited last March. First a septic tank had to be built and covered with cement. Now, construction on four toilets has begun. This is not only better for students and teachers, but the government requires it. Simon has also purchased more land, to meet government minimum requirements. If Amka passes the government inspection, many doors open that will allow Amka to grow and improve.

Teachers Work On Curriculum and Lesson Planning

Amka teachers are working to improve the education we deliver to our students. We are using the government curriculum guides to develope working schemes for the subjects we teach. These will guide us as we prepare daily lesson plans for all the classes we teach. Paschalina teaches the babies, Teacher Mary and Teacher Sifuel teach Kiswahili, math, geography, history and civics, and I teach English and science classes.

When the container arrives, our program will take a giant step forward by having desks, tables, files cabinets, bookshelves, marker boards, hundreds of books, science, math and art supplies, games, toys, magazines, school supplies, three laptop computers and two printers. I brought transformers (to deal with the 220/110 voltage issue) and tons of science supplies, office supplies and workbooks with me on my last trip back. My three duffle bags were so heavy, I could hardly lift them.

Being home for the holidays with family and friends was wonderful. Time to reconnect and to eat as much rare beef as I could consume in four weeks! The support that I felt from all of you was truly invigorating. I cannot express how grateful I am to you for your emails, words of encouragement and interest. I am thrilled to be back and ready to see what will happen next at Amka Afrika School.



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