10/29/2012 - 5 visitors from America

We had 5 visitors from America who spent a week at Amka from September 28 to October 7. They are juniors from 5 different colleges who are spending a semester in Tanzania with ACM. They chose to spent their semester break at Amka. They brought songs, lessons, bulletin boards, games and lots of hugs. In return they received hugs back, smiles, attempts at English, fascination with white skins and straight hair, and joy. The college students, Barbara, Erin, Hannah, Matt and Reilly, stayed at the new house I had just rented the day they arrived. It has two bedrooms, two bathrooms (both with showers and one with a western toilet) a living room, kitchen and RUNNING WATER! Unfortunately, no electricity yet. A kerosene lantern and many flashlights took care of light at night, but we had to shlep out phones, camera batteries and laptops to the Simon's rooms to recharge every day. Five wonderful young adults who filled Amka...and my new house...with enthusiasm, fun, energy, caring and gave us a fresh, new look at Amka and what is happening here. Priceless!

Can you find the five mzungus (white people)?

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