How can you help? Here is what Amka Afrika School needs now.

Bus Operation

Gas for the school bus for one week ($50)

Many Amka students live too far to walk and need the bus to get to school.


2 doors ($430) and 12 windows ($2,400)

Two of our classroom buildings need doors and windows to protect students from the weather and to provide security for Amka's equipment and supplies.


Grades 1 ,2 ($250) for a class set of books at each grade ($500)

Grades 3, 4, 5 ($420) for a class set of books at each grade ($1260)

Currently, classes have one copy of each text for teachers' use only. A few parents are able to buy texts for their students, but most children have no books at all. Donations can provide textbooks for every child in each subject.

Scholarships for local students

One term ($140) or a full year ($420) per student

Most Amka families struggle to pay tuition. A careful selection process ensures that the neediest, hardest-working students receive scholarships.

Scholarships plus room and board

One term ($160) or a full year ($480) per student

Students who live too far away for commuting or whose families cannot house them live in a supervised hostel during school terms.


One week ($200) or one month ($800)

Amka feeds lunch to all students every day. Residential students living at the hostel need three nutritious meals a day.

Payment on bus loan

Remaining - $2500

Dormitory Construction

On an existing foundation - $8,000

The Tanzanian Ministry of Education recognizes student housing as a national problem. In order to safeguard students and ensure good supervision after school and nights and weekends, they have requested that all schools house residential students in a building on campus instead of in hostels or homes in surrounding areas. Our current hostel is overcrowded and inadequate. Amka's facilities plan includes a dorm that will house 20 boys and 20 girls.

Dining Hall Construction

New Construction $9,250

With enrollment approaching 100 students in spring 2014, Amka needs a central building in which to cook and feed both day and residential students. The dining hall can also serve as a multi-purpose center for student, family, and community activities.

Unrestricted donations are used to meet the students' most immediate needs and are very much appreciated. You can also designate how your funds should be used, such as "Buy 10 textbooks ($45)," or "Buy half a window ($100)," or "Build the dorm so those kids are safe and ready to learn ($8,000)."


A check can be mailed to

Amka Afrika School Foundation
P.O. Box 499 Sycamore, IL 60178

Or you can make a secure online donation here:

Your generous donation will help the school and children with supplies, textbooks, capital improvements, teacher training and more.

Amka Afrika is a 501(c)(3) charity. If you have any questions regarding our organization, you can also contact us by sending us a note.