11/20/2011 - A Quiet Weekend in Babati

A Quiet Weekend in Babati

The kids where I live have gone home for the weekend. They took exams last week, and there is one more week before the term ends. Next week teachers will grade exams and fill out reports to parents. My job is to find something for the kids to do. I’ve decided we’ll have a Sports Day, an Art Day and a Tanzanian Animal Day. Then we’ll take a trip to Tarangire National Park on Thursday. I’ve been to Sifuel’s house where the supplies from the Blue Horizon Travel group are stored. That treasure trove of materials has helped me plan all three days.

I have a desk and chair! I ordered them and a bedside table from the same carpenter who made my bed. He listened to my requirements and then gave me an estimate…180,000 TZS….a little over $100. He finished in less than 2 weeks and we picked them up in the school van on Friday. They have changed my life. I no longer have to do everything sitting on my bed. I can spend time in my living room, with my computer, iPod and speaker, books and papers within easy reach.

Saturday I washed clothes and sheets. I have a basin for washing and a bucket for rinsing. The water is across the courtyard and my arms are getting stronger lugging buckets for wash, cooking, bathing and flushing. I’ve strung a clothesline around the pillars of the front porch for drying. I brought individual packets of “TIDE” with me. Sifuel asked about them and then I heard him telling Rosie, “They’re American and they’re so strong you don’t have to scrub!” I cleared that myth up quickly.

Saturday night was very quiet without the kids. I decided I’d cook for myself, since Rosie is not cooking meals for the big group. Tomato soup mix, rice, chopped tomatoes, cubed potatoes and beans. AWFUL! But I ate it…. well, some of it. I threw the rest of it into the garbage pit outside my front door. Saw the skinny, always hungry African dogs turn their noses up at it this morning! Spaghetti with sauce today went much better.

I ended Saturday night with clean sheets and a bath with hot water. Clean hair and clean sheets. Feels great no matter what country you’re in!! And then I sat at my desk, listening to music and playing solitaire on my computer. What is it my t-shirt says? “Life is good.”

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